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(a) ASSURANCES- A State educational agency, in consultation with the Governor of the State, that submits a consolidated State plan or consolidated State application under this Act, whether separately or under section 9302, shall have on file with the Secretary a single set of assurances, applicable to each program for which the plan or application is submitted, that provides that —

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(1) each such program will be administered in accordance with all applicable statutes, regulations, program plans, and applications;

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(2)(A) the control of funds provided under each such program and title to property acquired with program funds will be in a public agency, a nonprofit private agency, institution, or organization, or an Indian tribe, if the law authorizing the program provides for assistance to those entities; and

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(B) the public agency, nonprofit private agency, institution, or organization, or Indian tribe will administer those funds and property to the extent required by the authorizing law;

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(3) the State will adopt and use proper methods of administering each such program, including —

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(A) the enforcement of any obligations imposed by law on agencies, institutions, organizations, and other recipients responsible for carrying out each program;

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(B) the correction of deficiencies in program operations that are identified through audits, monitoring, or evaluation; and

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(C) the adoption of written procedures for the receipt and resolution of complaints alleging violations of law in the administration of the programs;

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(4) the State will cooperate in carrying out any evaluation of each such program conducted by or for the Secretary or other Federal officials;

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(5) the State will use such fiscal control and fund accounting procedures as will ensure proper disbursement of, and accounting for, Federal funds paid to the State under each such program;

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(6) the State will —

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(A) make reports to the Secretary as may be necessary to enable the Secretary to perform the Secretarys duties under each such program; and

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(B) maintain such records, provide such information to the Secretary, and afford such access to the records as the Secretary may find necessary to carry out the Secretarys duties; and

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(7) before the plan or application was submitted to the Secretary, the State afforded a reasonable opportunity for public comment on the plan or application and considered such comment.

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(b) GEPA PROVISION- Section 441 of the General Education Provisions Act shall not apply to programs under this Act.